Virtual Background Tips for Job Interviews

Virtual interviews have become the norm, requiring us to pay attention to every detail, including our virtual backgrounds. CNN reported that Paddy Ross, research lead and associate professor of psychology at Durham University, found that the background of plants and bookcases led to higher trust and competency responses while the living room and novelty backgrounds were the worst.

A well-chosen virtual background can enhance your professionalism and create a positive impact on interviewers. What kind of virtual backgrounds are best for Zoom job interviews? In a nutshell, they should be professional, simple, and non-distracting.

Important Elements:

1. Simple and Clean Backgrounds: Clean and uncluttered backgrounds avoid distractions.

2. Neutral Colors: Neutral colors such as light grey, beige, or light blue maintain a professional look.

3. Professional Settings: Book cases and plants add a touch of professionalism and sophistication to your virtual environment. Click to see some good examples.

Job Interview Background Example

What to Avoid

Steer clear of busy, animated and unprofessional backgrounds that may divert attention from you during the interview.  Here are some virtual backgrounds you should avoid:

1. Busy or Distracting Backgrounds: Too many colors, patterns, or moving elements can be distracting.

2. Inappropriate or Offensive Backgrounds: Avoid backgrounds that may be offensive, inappropriate, or unprofessional.

3. Personal or Private Spaces: Steer clear of using backgrounds that reveal personal or private spaces in your home.

4. Noisy Backgrounds: Backgrounds with loud patterns or textures can be visually noisy and take attention away from you.

5. Low-Quality Backgrounds: Choose high-quality virtual backgrounds to ensure a professional appearance.

Where to Find the Best Zoom Backgrounds

You can find virtual backgrounds for Zoom job interviews from various sources. Here are some places where you can find the best virtual backgrounds:

1. Zoom Virtual Background Library: Zoom offers a collection of virtual backgrounds that you can use for free. You can access these backgrounds within the Zoom application.

2. Marketplaces: Some companies provide branded virtual backgrounds on their websites that you can use for interviews.

5. DIY Backgrounds: You can create your own virtual backgrounds using design software or by taking photos of professional settings in your home. If you don’t have time or the skill, you can buy ready-made virtual backgrounds from some designers.

Bookselve and plants led to higher trust and competency responses

By exploring these sources, you can find a variety of virtual backgrounds to enhance your appearance during Zoom job interviews. By having a good virtual background for job interviews, you can create a visually appealing and professional environment that enhances your overall presentation and increases your chances of success.

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