10 Ideas for Your Branded Zoom Background

A well-designed branded virtual background will make you stand out from the crowd. Your audience will identify your company’s mission, voice and positioning during video calls. In fact, the cost is minimal. But how to brand your virtual background?

Here are 10 ideas for creating a branded Zoom background:

Add Your Logo to a Plain Background

It is really simple. You only need to add your logo on a plain background. If you don’t know how to use sophisticated design software like Photoshop, you can just upload your logo to Canva, a free online design tool, and add it to any plain background, as long as the image size is 1920×1080 pixels. It will take you less than 10 minutes to get it done. If you are serious about branding, you may consider hiring a designer to create a realistic logo. Click through to see some examples.

Creating Logos with Repeating Patterns

A virtual background with a logo repeating pattern looks more professional. One good thing about this approach is that you don’t have to worry about the position of your logo. Your audience will sure see your logo even though your move around during video calls. But it takes patience to line up your logo images properly.

Use Your Brand Color

If your brand has a color system, you can select the same colors to design your virtual background. Make sure you have the color code so that you can enter the color information when selecting a color. There are a number of ways to apply the colors creatively. The simplest way to do this is to use two or more colors to generate a beautiful color gradient for your background. Of course, you can also add your own logo to it.

Make a Statement

Do you have a tagline, vision statement, mission statement or value proposition statement? Put one of these in the background. Make sure they are short and easy to read. Use a heavy-weight font, or a font reflecting your branding.

Use Meaningful Photos

If you think it is boring to use the same background on every video call, you can change the background sometimes. Why don’t you select some photos that reflect your company’s vision to be your alternative backgrounds? Recall significant moments in your company history and look for photos that convey a message to your audience.

Use Product Photos

You’ve probably thought about your product photos. Yes, they can be a good choice for your branding background. It is better to highlight one product. Don’t make your background a product catalogue, otherwise it will be a distraction to your audience.

Use Your Enviroment’s Photos

Universities and other large institutions love to use photos of their buildings and environments as their official virtual backgrounds. If you don’t have a modern office to show to your audience, you can either use a professional office photo from any stock image website or take a photo to show just one corner of your workspace. The most important consideration is whether your environment reflects your branding. One trick is to modify the photo’s color tone to accomplish this goal.

Use Loop Videos

A 10-second video can be looped non-stoppingly as a Zoom video background. It is preferable to use a slightly animated video, instead of a typical video. Why? You don’t want to have a TV behind you. For example, a logo changes color slightly on a wall background.

Use PowerPoint-tuned Videos

Zoom and some other video conferencing tools allow users to use videos as their virtual backgrounds. You don’t have to create a video for it. Search for your PowerPoint files and you may find some presentations which are also good for branded virtual backgrounds, like vision sharing sessions, product sales, etc.

Create a Realistic Background

If you are very serious about branding, you may consider having a custom designed virtual background with a realistic logo. You audience will have a good impression that it is created by a professional designer, and it is not your DIY project. You cannot use Canva to do it. It is not that simple. I have been creating custom Zoom backgrounds with a realistic 3D logo for clients across different industries. Get more details here.

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