About the Artisan

Meet the artisan

Hello, my name is Carmen. I love creating digital content that supports small businesses by achieving more with little investment. Background Artisan offers creative virtual backgrounds to help you enhance branding and stand out from competition easily.

We are facing virtual fatigue right now, but there is a creative way to amuse your clients during online meetings and conferences – creative and meaningful virtual meeting backgrounds. Most people overlook the significance of meeting backgrounds. Indeed, your background can be a powerful cue to convey a message about who you are, and what your brand is about, indirectly. Your clients don’t just hear what you say to them, but pay attention to where you are, including the digital environment. It is a costly mistake to convey the wrong message by using an inappropriate background during video calls. I can help you find the perfect digital backdrop for your business.

I have been selling customizable virtual backgrounds through different marketplaces. Happy customers gave me 5-star ratings. Their feedback encouraged me to launch Background Artisan to offer ready-made virtual backgrounds and customizable backgrounds.

Drop me a line with any ideas, comments or other questions. I am happy to help you find the best solution for your particular needs.