A Simple Way to Create Zoom Virtual Background with Your Logo

There are many ways to create your branded virtual background with your logo. I want to show you the most simple way to do it with Canva, a free online design tool.

Prepare Your Logo File

First of all, you need to prepare your logo file. You probably have your logo files saved in your computer. The file format could be JPEG, PNG or others. In order to create digital background, you need to have your logo file in PNG format WITH transparent background. That means your logo image is set against transparent background, not any color background.

It is very important. Why PNG? Because this format allows transparent background. If you can’t find a logo file with transparent background, you can ask a designer to remove the background for you.

Even though you have got a logo file in PNG format WITH trasnparent background, the quality must be good. I would suggest the file with resolutions of at least 500px in width.

Use Canva

Secondly, use Canva to search for your background image and design your virtual background.

Login to your Canva account. If you have not sign up, please click this link to do so.

You can sign up for a free Canva account to create your background.

If you have a free account, don’t use their Zoom Virtual Background because it is 1280x720px, and only Pro account can re-size it.

Click “create a design”, and then “custom size”, and then enter “1920” in width and “1080” in height. Lastly, click “create a design”.

Click “elements’ on right menu, and try to search your background image by entering these keywords:

  • background
  • office background
  • wall background
  • white (or any color) background

I would suggest you look for plain background. Remember it is the most simple way to add a logo on a background image. You will not adjust the perspective, make a 3D logo or create light effects. So a plain background would be the best choice.

Add your desirable background image onto your canva and cover the whole canva.

Click “uploads” on right menu, and upload your logo file, then drag it onto the canva.

Change your logo size, and position it so that when you show up on Zoom, your head and body won’t block it.

Add shadow effect if you wants, by clicking “edit image’, and then choose one of the “shadows” effect.

Shadow effect is added to the logo image

Finally, click “download” and choose “JPEG” as file type.

It is ready to upload to your Zoom app.

Want 3D Logo?

If the virtual background made with Canva does not meet your expectation, and you want to have a professional Zoom background to impress your clients or enhance your branding, you may consider to hire a designer to create one for you. But if it is too costly to you, I would be happy to create a realistic 3D logo background for you for a small fee, $20. It needs a more sophisticated design software to create it.

Take a look at all of my background templates here. Order from Fiverr or directly from my website. I have obtained 5-star feedbacks from many clients.

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