Krisp Just Launched Virtual Backgrounds

Zoom is not the only online communication tool for you to use a virtual background on video calls. Recently, Krisp just launched their Virtual Backgrounds feature. It allows users to use a virtual background even on those communication apps which do not have built-in virtual background option. More than this, you can use the same digital backdrop across different video call platforms. Isn’t it a good news?

What is Krisp?

Krisp has a sharp focus on noise reduction. It is basically a noise reduction app that works with over 800 communication tools. It does not replace your online conference app. Indeed it helps you get clear sound without distractions on video calls. Much environment noises can be reduced dramatically.

Need to pay for it? You can get a free personal plan which gives you 240 minutes of usage every week. For $5 per month, you can get unlimited time. It also offers recording storage even for a free plan.

How to use Krisp’s Virtual Backgrounds?

This new feature is currently in beta for Mac users. But Windows will be available soon. It is free on all their plans including the free one. Krip also provides you some photos to use as your background. You can upload your own photos as well.

If you need a more professional virtual background, a branded background with your realistic logo should be a good choice for you to build your brand. Click to read more details about it.

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