How Brands Use Virtual Backgrounds to Promote Their Business

Many small businesses don’t have the budget to create huge brand building campaigns to promote their businesses. This is where virtual backgrounds come in. They are affordable and easy to use, and they can help to promote your business in a professional way. I will show you how the big brands use Zoom backgrounds to promote their businesses. Small businesses can learn from their creative uses and come up with their own creative ideas.

A strong online presence is key to success. But how do you go about building an online presence that will attract customers and help you reach your goals? One way you can do that is to use virtual backgrounds. Big brands use them to show off their products and services in a more creative and engaging way. They make it easy for customers to understand what your company does and how it can benefit them.

Here are some examples of how big brands offer free Zoom backgrounds for brand building:


Disney knows that their audience loves to immerse themselves in their movies. They would love to see more people use digital backdrops to make video calls from Pixar movies. Free advertising, right?

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Hallmarks offers a lot of Zoom backgrounds with different themes, from seasons to holidays, and much more. You will often come back to download new backgrounds for your needs at different times.

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Country Casual Teak

Country Casual Teak sells outdoor furniture. They are smart about using their furniture products as background images. People love to use outdoor scene photos as the background for video calls. Outdoor furniture and outdoor scenes are a perfect match.

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Inspire provides co-working space to independent business owners and professionals, who heavily use video conferencing services to connect with their customers. Their target customers typically prefer a professional office environment with a video call background. Inspire offers a collection of Zoom backgrounds that show off beautiful and professional coworking space environments.

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Random House Books

Random House Books is a prominent publisher. They let people “borrow” from their published home and garden books. All of their Zoom backgrounds are created from book content.

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Penguin Random House

It is interesting to note that many people love to have bookshelf backgrounds for video calls. Penguin Random House has a collection of bookshelf backgrounds to project your professional image on to. Of course, their books can be seen in the bookshelves.

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Snaxtime publishes junk food and fast food news, recipes, photography, and entertainment. Their collection of virtual backgrounds reflect their work and the taste of their audience as well.

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As a small business owner, you can also create a good impression of your business and make it easier for potential customers to connect with your brand. It doesn’t cost that much. All you need is to capture some creative ideas that will effectively use your own existing resources.

Want 3D Logo?

If you want to have a professional Zoom background to impress your clients or enhance your branding, you may consider to hire a designer to create one for you. But if it is too costly to you, I would be happy to create a realistic 3D logo background for you for a small fee, $20. It needs a more sophisticated design software to create it.

Take a look at all of my background templates here. Order from Fiverr or directly from my website. I have obtained 5-star feedbacks from many clients.

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